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    Best possible advice and solutions to their unique mortgage financing needs.

    Why Choose JPS Aulakh
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    JPS Aulakh’s mission is simple, to accommodate his clients with the best possible advice and solutions to their unique mortgage financing needs.

    JPS Aulakh has relationships with the top banks and private lenders in Canada, giving him access to a variety of mortgage products and credit lines, often with exclusive interest rates.

    Home buyers with good credit deserve a great mortgage. JPS Aulakh works with all major financial institutions and private lenders, including the big banks and Specialize lending corporations. Working with JPS Aulakh to find the right mortgage for your needs is absolutely free to you. On your behalf, JPS Aulakh will seek the right lenders at the most competitive interest rates and have them compete for your business.

    Whether you are seeking your first mortgage, a refinance on your existing one, or a home equity line of credit, you can trust JPS Aulakh to find the right mortgage solutions for you.

    More than just the interest rate, JPS Aulakh will offer you the options that are competitive, flexible, and tailored to your specific requirements. Need something flexible with a low pre-payment penalty? Not a problem! Seeking for a mortgage that will allow you to skip a payment? JPS Aulakh will find it for you!


    – Our attentiveness

    – Our speed & efficiency

    – Our experienced and caring staff

    – Financing that meets the needs of business owners

    – Our unique and powerful Web platform


    – Uncompromising integrity

    – A positive attitude

    – The interests our clients come first

    – Nothing less than excellence will do

    About JPS Aulakh

    Whether you are looking to buy your first home or leverage your current home’s equity, JPS Aulakh can help you obtain affordable financing. We as the leading mortgage specialist in Alberta and British Columbia and are Canada’s largest independent mortgage broker and as such, we have partnered with the top lenders in the country to provide our clients with a one-stop shop access to lenders, sound advice, fast service, and great rates. Let us do the mortgage shopping for you!


    Buy A Home

    We Can Help Make the Biggest Purchase of Your Life Easier
    Whether you’re about to take that next BIG step and purchase your very first home or are now ready to “move-on-up”, you’ll find the information, resources and helpful tips on the site just that

    New To Canada

    Want a home of your own – no problem…
    If you are new to Canada and you are planning to buy a home it’s a big transition and we can make that transition easy.
    Biggest considerations for new Canadians who are ready to buy a

    Investment Property

    In recent times buying an investment property is rapidly becoming the preferred investing method. The real estate values rise as time passes, investing in a property is considered a secure option to invest in. To enjoy a profitable investment there are

    Mortgage Refinance

    Looking for Options to Refinance Your Home
    Do you need extra cash for home renovation, or want to pay for children’s university education or wanting to pay off your credit cards? A mortgage refinance maybe your best option.

    Self Employed
    Self Employed Home owner – You are at the right place
    If you are ready to buy a home but your status of self-employment is hindering your path; then you need experts… We can help you customize a mortgage to meet your short
    Renovation Financing

    Just A Renovation Away From Your Dreamhome – Your Mortgage Can Pay For It
    If you are a home owner and you want to renovate your home for your comfort, because you need more space or for any other reason; you can choose for

    Home Equity

    Want to tap into your home equity
    With Home Equity you can access credit at lower rates. Our clients have used home equity loans for various reasons including the ones listed below:
    • Unexpected expenses • New

    Improving Credit

    Your credit history plays a big role in the mortgage approval process. Lender pay close attention to credit score as it is an indicator perceived lending risk at a particular moment in time. Credit rating can affect your ability to get the best mortgage

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    Shopping for a mortgage or refinancing?

    Like it or not, when you are buying a home or refinancing a mortgage, there is a certain amount of math involved. These handy calculators will help guide you through decisions such as whether to rent or buy, determining mortgage payments, and more

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      Mortgage Basics

      Let’s face it. We’re never really taught about mortgages in school. And yet it represents the biggest purchase decision in most of our lives but many of us don’ feel educated or up-to-date with how mortgages work and what we need to have to get one. At Mortgage Alliance, we’ve listened to many of our customers, just like you, who have asked for some real basic information that can help them better understand the mortgage processes and what you’ll need to achieve your home ownership goal.

      In this section, you’ll get valuable information beginning with Mortgage Terms. You’ll gain a better understanding of the Step by step process of obtaining a mortgage. In addition, check out the Credit Basics section for credit tips and resources. This information will assist you in understanding some of the key items that lenders look for and how you can help yourself create a positive foundation to make big purchases and build a prosperous future.


      • Gotej
        “Your company has provided consistent, high quality, financial support during the exponential growth we have experienced over the past two years.”
      • Bret
        “A friend referred your company to me as one that would combine experience, quality and value into an affordable package. JPS has exceeded my expectations in all those areas.”
      • “JPS Financial Services enabled me to be more productive and efficient, giving me the freedom and time to focus on running the business while knowing that the financial fundamentals were securely in place.”