Self Employed Home owner – You are at the right place

If you are ready to buy a home but your status of self-employment is hindering your path; then you need experts…

We can help you customize a mortgage to meet your short-term needs and your long-term financial plan. We can advise you on how you can improve your options in the market and get the best mortgage rates.

In the scenario when you are self-employed most lenders require that personal tax notices of Assessment from the past 2-3 years be included with the mortgage application. If you are able to provide the above stated proof of income, you can access the same mortgage products and rates as traditional borrowers, if you cannot then at least you should have a good credit history and provide a minimum down payment of 10%.

Some of the other supporting documentation can help you in securing a mortgage loan are

  • Business financial statements for your business.
  • Proof that you have paid GST in full.
  • Documents that can show expected revenue for the coming years.
  • Business and/or personal credit scores.
  • Proof of principal ownership of the business.

You know what is best for your business and we can help you choose best options to be a home owner. Moreover you need not worry and spend hours on time-consuming and frustrating tasks associated with securing a mortgage. Just give us a chance to show it to you.